It is our goal to provide our clients with the smoothest, most efficient closing process possible. Below is a list of professionals that can help you with buying or selling a home, obtaining a mortgage and performing home repairs. Simply click the contact button next to the name of the professional you wish to contact and advise them of your need. They will respond with prompt and courteous service. My office is automatically copied on the email sent. Additionally, if you have any further questions or concerns you are always welcome to contact our office directly by phone or by email.

Please note the Law Office of Michael E. Sliwinski, Esq. is not an affiliate or an agent of any of the companies or the professionals listed below. Each professional works independently of the Law office of Michael E. Sliwinski and their names and contact information are provided strictly for your convenience

Mortgage Professionals

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GF Brooks Associates

Brian Feldman / GF Brooks Associates

Gerald Brooks / GF Brooks Associates


Kurt C. McCarthy / KeyBank


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Queen City Realty

Mary Lou Paladino-McCoy / Queen City Realty

Mike Algawani / Queen City Realty

Metro Premier Realty

Phyllis Wahler / Metro Premier Realty

Realty USA

Len Grosso / Realty USA

Maureen Berbary / Realty USA

Clare Shea Hourihan / Realty USA

Title Insurance

title insurance image

Real Title Agency


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Roofing Specialty

Look at that Home Improvements

Heating and Cooling

Firehouse Heating and Cooling

Home Inspector

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Objective Inspection Services